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Your bar/bat mitzvah is a once in a lifetime event. Here at Monster we are committed to making your evening a night that you will never forget, and one that all of your friends and family will continue to talk about well after the night is over. Your guests will walk away saying, “Now THAT was a party!”

At Monster we provide you with the most talented MC’s, DJ’s, and dancers around. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to staff every event with the best entertainers. Each and every event is different, and here at Monster we have the knowledge to read any crowd in front of us, know what music to play, and understand how much to engage you and your guests in order to get everyone up and going. We don’t just engage the kids or the adults, we engage EVERYONE. Our goal is to maximize crowd participation, and make it a FUN night for all!

We help you set the perfect atmosphere for your event by providing lighting, sound, decor, and assistance throughout the entire process. From the first steps of planning until the final moments when your guests are leaving exclaiming how much fun they had, Monster is right there with you. Contact us right away to lock in your day and get started on your path to an unforgettable evening! Don’t forget to check out our multi-faceted, incredibly talented group of entertainers!

You’re only getting the best of the best here at Monster. We’re available to you 24/7 and we’re always willing to take the extra step to exceed all expectations in order to make a truly lasting memory!